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I have a chance to buy a quite new Sony a100 from a family member who is movin' on up to a a700. The camera still has 4 months on it's one year warranty and it's been well cared for. Price is $375 w/ the kit lens. Funds are limited for me and this seems like a great way to get started with a dslr.

I would like to have the in-body stabilization. The fact that the kit lens is an 18-70 mm is also a plus as past experience from film slr's tells me I won't want to carry a big telephoto around so having that bit of extra range in the main lens will be appreciated. BTW, I understand the 1.5x conversion on the focal lengths to get a 35 mm equiv. A 105 mm long end would be even better.

I'm aware that there are issues about noise at higher iso's in the a100's jpegs. Is this a fatal flaw? Don't know if I'll end up shooting raw or jpegs.

At this price I honestly wonder if it's even worth worrying about what brand/system I'm buying into. In a few years, if I have more cash and want to switch so be it. At least I can get my hands on a dslr now.

I would love to have a reasonably fast wide angle prime. Maybe a f2.8 or better 14, 15 or 16mm. Something for architecture and monuments, inside and out. Anything available?

I have to pull the trigger on this pretty quickly. Normally I'd do all the due diligence and I've done a fair bit, but I don't really have the time to read all about what all the new Sonys and other brands have and why this might be a poor choice right now in the day or two I have to decide.

So, can anyone share reasons this would be a poor choice? Am I about to be able to buy one new for this price, what with the phasing out of this model?

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Well, for the price, it sounds like a good deal. From what I have read, the rap on that camera is that its images are noisier than its competitors' at higher ISO's. But if this is what you can afford, then go for it. The new Sony A200 with kit lens will cost about $700 with kit lens. Other lower price entry level DSLR's cost at least $450.
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Do it without thinking about it. Photos are a little noisy at ISO 800+, but I rarely shoot there.I like the tonalitythat I get from the Sony, itwas just more pleasing than the Canon DSLRs that I tried.Lack of PC Sync socket and the"lazy eye" problem are really the only two problems I have with it, although if I were an action or sports shooter, I would probably look at something different. The feature set is just not geared to that. Otherwise, great intro/amateurDSLR.
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