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Okay - I have taken the plunge and just spent a few hours playing with an A350/SAL18250 combo. I am no artist but the picturessuit my purpose - can't wait for some sunny weather (but I'm in the UK so will have to).

Before I get to pictures a few points where I am finding the A350 to not give me everything my Dimage A200 supplied.

The obvious one is the folding LCD - which is nothing like as versatile (although much bigger).

The Sony 18-250 doesn't focus as closely as the A200 - which is an issue on a copystand - but I have a 28mm f2.8 to try out in that role (tomorrow perhaps).

A remote trigger is also a must with the copystand - back to ebay I guess.

My final gripe is the battery - 3 hours to charge! I will need to get more batteries. I was expecting to need one more but a day on the copystand and I will need 3 or 4 if I can't charge them in an hour or so. The alternative is a DC supply - but Sony have seen fit to use a totally non standard socket so I seem stuck with a very expensive charger/DC supply (VQ900M) - anyone got one going cheap?

On the positive side the IQ is undoubtedly better andI can forget about that incredibly irritatingshutter lag.

Images: All handheld, settings on the A350 as it came out of the box. The day was overcast with only a couple of short glimpses of sunshine.

First image (resized/compressed to fit forum file size requirement)- 22mm - underexposed? or nicely kept thecloud detail?

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I don't know if you've subscribed yourself to this forum post or not, but I hope so. I'd like to ask you about the copywork you do with your a350, because I'm interested in setting up the same sort of operation, and I'd love to have your input.

I'm wanting to offer a service where I take pictures of photo albums so that several siblings can all have a copy of mom and dad's family photo album. So many of the old albums are in a state where it is important not to take the pics out of their pages (essentially or truly glued in), that scanning is not possible. The other part of it would be digitizing scrapbooks 18" x 18". I figure a copywork camera is the best bet for this, and the "live image" of the a350 is very appealing to me.

If I bought the a350, I'd put on a used Minolta prime af lens of some length (55mm?) and start snapping pics.

But I'd have to buy a cable-release remote because there's no digital remote for the Sonys, is there?
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This is a reputable Hong Kong based vendor:


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