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Originally Posted by lomitamike View Post
meanstreak, you are right on the money.

Sony has left a huge void in their lineup. I wonder who is the person is responsible for the decision to discontinue the A-700 before releasing a improved version of the A-7??. I think it sends a very bad message for all of us who have bought into this system. I sometimes wonder, that if I somehow lost my A-700 right now what would I do? I can say for sure that I would not buy one of the current new Sony bodies. I still use my 5D very often but it's no comparison to the A-700s quick navigation joystick system. The A-700 user interface system is the best I've ever used on any Canon, Minolta or Sony system and I don't want a dummied down/search through a menu system for my next body.

Sony now has their backs against the wall in my opinion. They HAVE to hit a home run with the A-7?? replacement or their out. I want some stability.
I'm not sure if they have there backs against the wall but I do agree that they should have continued production on the A700 as long as possible. Perhaps their manufacturing infrastructure could not support continuance of the A700 while gearing up for it's replacement and expansion of the product line. These are decisions that are made in board rooms and I have to assume they have a clue. Then again, Sony has dropped the ball on more than one occasion.

The problem with the digital camera market is that it is advancing at a rapid rate, consumers are demanding a lot of crossover features and then competition isn't standing still. My instincts tell me that in a few months I'll want to upgrade from the A550 to the A7XX and I haven't even received it yet. If the major difference is just video and a few buttonsor prostyle features missing on the A550, I think I will be fine with it. Personally the A7XX will probably be priced to close to A850 for my taste. When I decided on the A550, I was really tempted to go full-frame, but at twice the price I got gun shy..
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Well... manufacturers tend to have limited facilities for producing cameras before retooling for a different model and may not have counted on the last A700 production run to have sold out yet. Or, the A700 replacement may have been delayed causing the issue.

If you believe some of the rumors (and screen prints being circulated last year that supposedly came from Sony sites), it looks like they may have had it's replacement ready, then decided to "can" the project and wait until they could finish developing a model supporting video instead. For example, I saw screen captures from the menu choices you find for support pages showing an A750 in a drop down list of cameras last year, that were supposedly captured from overseas Sony web sites.

But, they may have been faked (as I have seen some obviously fake screen captures, too). Only Sony knows for sure. But, now that they've officially announced they're working on the A700 replacement and shown a mockup for it at trade shows, I'd expect to see it released sometime this year (and it would be in Sony's best interest to finish it sooner than later, so I can imagine they're working on it at a feverish pace to fill in the gap left by the A700). It also wouldn't surprise me if development was further along than the mockups lead you to believe (as they've already published images of what appear to be working prototypes of their new mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, complete with menus, etc.), even though only mockups of them were shown at PMA.

Only time will tell.
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I have spent some time using the A550 and the IQ from that camera is probably a little better then the A700. The high ISO I believe is better but they left some features out that are on the A700. As In said earlier the the user interface of the 700 is second to none and that can mean getting the shot instead of fumbling around in a menu. After trying out a friends 550 I had trouble navigating through the settings. Fair to say I did not really spend enough time to get used to it, but why should I when Sony already has a great navigation system. Other then that when I did get my shot with the A550 I was very impressed.

I'm sure you have heard many more rumors then I. I also have the feeling that they know that there are a lot of Sony users out there that are anxious for the 700 replacement and they have delayed it's release to get it right. I believe that they know they cannot afford to miss with this one and I expect we'll see a feature or two that will surprise us (multiple AF cross-hair system). At least I hope so.
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