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Started doing some test shots today with the new A-700 and discovered a potential problem

The "kit lens" that came with my A-100 locks on smoothly and works just fine.

All of the Minolta Maxxum lens seemed to turn to stiff into the lock position.

The 35-70mm was very firm on lock up and it would focus and shoot, then not focus or shoot. I would turn off the camera and turn it back on and the same thing happend.

The 50mm was a firm fit but would focus and fire as you would expect it to, same with the 70-210.

All of these lens worked perfectly on my A-100.

Should I return the camera while still in the return grace window?

Any other suggestions?

I love the camera and sure don't want to screw up the mount with the Minolta lenses.

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Did you look at the camera's lens mount for any obvious problems (for example, one or more of the mount screws not tightened all the way down)?

I have not seen that reported with the A700. But, I have seen this problem come up on other models (lens mount screws not tightened all the way down causing binding and connection issues).

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Thanks Jim. I checked the screws and was able to tweak a couple of them very slightly. I don't think that was the problem and didn't want to overdue that sort of thing.

A reply on AlphaMountWorld suggested that I make absolute sure the mounts were clean and that the lens do connect on the stiff side as a prevention of moisture and dust entry into the camera.

The lens (Minolta AF 35-70) that was giving me the trouble did show a tiny bit of evidence of dirt on the back side of one of the locking lugs.
I wiped all the mounts including the camera with a clean cloth and a dab of alchohol.

After cleaning and making sure that I installed the lens correctly (gently rotate and then twist to lock at the end of the rotation) and tried again.

I was also advised that the lens will "wear" in with use and all should be well.

I have retried all the lens and all is well.

I can now sleep well.
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