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Thought I'd share my experience with our forum members.
I dropped my KM 5D last week and was hesitant to spend the $268 that Precision Camera wanted to repair it. As several of you pointed out, an a200 can be had for $599 w/ the 18-70mm lens. I was actually already justifying my need to move up to the a700. As fate would have it I found a local repair shop here in Charlotte, Southern Photo Technical Service. They only charge $15 for estimates on dSLRs, then parts and labor if it's fixable. Turns out, my camera was fine when the technician looked at it. Only thing we could think of is that I had tried my 18-70mm lens on it the next day after the fall, after the lens had gotten wet. I thought it had dried out, but after I tried it I noticed quite a bit of moisture still in the lens. MAYBE the camera body got some moisture on the contacts. Either way, the camera works just fine. And it only cost me $15. AND...after letting the lens sit out for several days with the lens caps off, all the moisture evaporated and the lens works fine too! Guess I'll have to wait on the a700.

While in the repair shop I noticed they had a brand new Nikon D300 for $1500. (Looked tempting if I had a compelling reason to change systems). She explained to me the technician had just gotten back from the factory certification to work on that camera. Turns out they are certified to work on all major brands and have been in business for over 40 years. They repair cameras from all over the country and really seem to know their stuff. I was very impressed with the service and the fact that they could have charged me way more and I would have never known.
Their website is here:http://www.southern-photo.com/
I just can't say enough about good service when I find it these days.
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Congradulations on getting your 5D back!

And sorry about not having a reason to buy the A700. [suB]:-)[/suB]

I hope I have such good luck when my time comes.
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That's great news. I'm glad your 5D survived the fall OK and it was only a lens issue.

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I'm pleased it worked out well for you.
Just remember the experience when you do finally succumb to buying an A700 or a D300...... The 'local' camera store is there for you! No postage, no packing, a real person. Let's hope they stay in business!
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I believe they will. In this day and age of Big Box stores and internet sales, service is the only thing that will keep a small shop alive.

Unfortunately, my 5D succumbed to the injuries sustained in the fall. I decided to perform an autopsy to see if maybe something simple was disconnected that I could fix myself. Turns out the anit-shake unit was the problem. It's so far into the interior of the camera it would have been impossible for me to get to and put it all together again. Even if I could get the part. The tech at Southern-photo.com told me he doubted that Sony would even have it. It certainly wasn't worth $268 (Precision camera's estimate) to try and fix. That $268 would go nicely toward a new a700!

I definitely was in over my head taking that thing apart. I learned that a dSLR is not really a camera. It's a really small computer! Makes me appreciated electrical engineers and designers that much more.
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