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Ok, so as far as DSLR's go I'm pretty new to all this. I just purchased the A300 about a week ago mainly for rock climbing pics and landscape pics while climbing.

Anyways, I did some test shooting yesterday to "learn" the different features on the camera. For this session I just used the 'Auto' mode on the dial (because I don't know how to use the rest of the modes yet)

Below is a link to one of the images, it was a nice sunny day and the sun was shining right on my back which made my left side really bright from the sun. I have an idea I am going to be running into this situation a lot so Im wondering if any of you have any suggestions I can try (if possible) to get a better more clear shot.

Also I should state that I only have the kit 18-70mm lens for now.

Oh, and one more thing, some of the pics were taken right when I was moving which created a slight blur, do you think it would help if I put it on the 'sport/action' mode on the dial and focus in on the subject (climber)??

Thanks, here is the link to a sample pic (sized down)

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The EXIF shows that your flash fired, and that filled the shadows, but the histogram shows lots of washed out highlights.

The scene had a lot of contrast, and that's going to be a problem. The flash helped the shadows, but the highlights were just too bright. I notice from the EXIF data that you were using the Pattern metering mode which just averages the entire scene. If you had used Spot metering, and placed the spot on an area that was brightly lit, and used the flash to fill in the shadows, you might have gotten better results.

One of the features you can take advantage of is the histogram, which will point out areas that are over- or under-exposed. That would give you information that might help you tore-take the same shot with better results.

Another feature you can take advantage of is exposure bracketing, which will store 3 files for each shot you take; each file will contain the same image with different exposures.

Still another feature you could take advantage of is tocreate RAW files that you can adjust to your heart's content in post processing.

And yes, one of the settings that is part of the Sports/Actionmode is a faster shutter speed, which would take care of the motion blur due to photographer movement.
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Thanks Tcav,

That helps a lot, I will have to study the histograms and learn how to adjust the settings by what it shows. Also I will try your other suggestions and see how that helps.

Thanks again for giving me a few different options to try!!
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