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Hello all,

as per the A300 users guide, after the battery charging light goes off, one has to wait another hour and then the battery is full.

Also, when the battery is full, it should be removed immediately, otherwise the battery life may be reduced.

What kind ofweird charging is this:

- the light goes off, but the battery is not full, it takes another hour? I have many chargers (cheap ones and really expensive computer controlled ones) and I have never seen one where the light goes off one hour before charging is done...

- the charges does not switch off when the battery is full? Even a simplest $10 charger switches off...

What charging options do you use? Are there alternatives to the Sony charger? Or didI misread the manual?

Thanks for any advice!
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I often leave my batteries in the charger for days at a time (I've got a Sony A700 and KM 5D with similar batteries) with no issues.

I've never read the manual about it. But, that part doesn't make sense to me. When the light goes off, I assume it's fully charged (and I've never had any issues taking one out right after that if I'm in a hurry). I haven't experienced any issues leaving a battery in a Sony charger for long periods of time either.

IOW, I doubt it would be a problem. If it weren't switching off, why would the light go out? ;-)

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Interesting.! I checked the A200 manual and on page 14 it states:-

Light on: Charging

Light Off : Normal charge completed

One hour after the lamp is turned off : Full charge completed

Must be like using a microwave - after cooking leave for x minutes

On page 15 it states:-

If you leave the charged battery pack on the charger, battery life may be decreased

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