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I bought a Minolta Maxxum AF T thread adapter for my Sony A300 SLR so I could attach my generic 'stop down' manual 400mm F6.3 lens (old Spiratone), or an eyepiece adapter for my telescope. When I tried to shoot in A Priority mode I got the dreaded 'no lens attached' error. Setting the shutter release priority to release didn't help. Now while in A mode the camera DID meter and allow me to see the required shutter speed as I rotated the F stop ring on the lens. It seems the answer is RTFM (read the fraggin manual), the camera will NOT operate in any mode but MANUAL with a chipless lens. So after metering my exposure I changed the mode to M and then I was able to press the shutter and take a shot. BTW you can buy a telescope eyepiece adapter and T ring set from http://www.scopestuff.com. Celestron also makes this and you can get it any any Celestron dealer.

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From page of the Sony A300/A350 Instruction Manual:

"The lens is not attached properly, or the lens is not attached.When attaching the camera to astronomical telescope or something similar, set the recording mode to M."

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Yup, took me a while to find that.
I went down a blind alley reading suggestions on forums to try the
shutter priority AF release option. The A700 has yet another option for this too.
If someone would make a T thread ring with a chip in it that would interact with the
camera to allow "setting" the F stop the camera could be used in A mode.

For use with a telescope to take astronomical pictures though it's no problem to just
shoot manual (actually S mode) since the Fstop is fixed and the shutter in most cases gets set on bulb anyway for an exposure of minutes to hours. The (full) moon OTHO would be
1/100 sec at F16 at iso 100.
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