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I have been looking everywhere for a solution to getting clearer action shots. Every Time I take a shot of a moving object there is significant motion blur. This happens in all lighting conditions. I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but is this due to the f4.5-5.6 rating? Can someone please help i am new to SLR's i had a DSC-H5 and motion shots seemed to be so much more clear.
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Welcome to the forums.

Your shutter speed is probably just too slow, causing blur from subject movement. I'm assuming this happens outdoors, too (since you said in all lighting). Indoors, you'll want to use a flash for moving subjects unless you're using a very bright lens with higher ISO speeds.

To get faster shutter speeds, you can use a wider aperture (smaller f/stop number) to help out and/or use a higher ISO speed setting (which is how sensitive the sensor is to light).

If you can post a downsized sample of an image you had problems with, we can probably tell what went wrong by looking at the camera settings that were being used (they're retained inside of the image in a header that we can look at using image editing tools).

For example, if you had ISO speed set to a lower value (or the Auto Range you can set in the menus not allowing one high enough), that could have caused it. Also, the camera's Autoexposure isn't going to know if you are taking a photo of a moving subject, so you may have to change something to get the desired results in some conditions.

You'll need to downsize it to around 640 pixels wide for posting here.

I'd suggest using something like the free Irfanview

After you open an image using File>Open, go to Image>Resize/Resample. Leave the box checked to retain the original aspect ratio (dimensions of width to height), and make the longest side abvout 640 pixels.

That will be fine for checking settings. Then, Save it to a new filename (so you don't overwrite your original) using File>Save As (picking a folder that you want to keep it in).

Set the jpeg quality to around 80% and leave the boxes checked to retain EXIF (you'll see a box pop up with a jpeg quality slider when you use the Save As choice and select jpeg as the file type).

As long as it's not too large (dimensions or file size), then you can attach a photo using the browse button you'll see at the bottom of your entry screen when typing a new post.

BTW, you posted this in our Sony Forum, which is setup for discussion about Sony's Point and Shoot models.

We have different forum setup for dSLR models like your A350. So, I'll move this thread to our Konica Minolta / Sony Alpha dSLR Forum now for you.

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