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hello everyone! my name is arian. i am fairly new with the whole photography scene.so pardon me for any miss use of wordsor terms.i recently bought a sony A300. it came with af3.5-5.6 18-70 mm and a f4.5-5.6 75-300 mm. i am also taking a photography class to better of my "eye". i am here to seek advice on how to shoot in low lighting, bright lighting, moving object (flowing water, moving cars, etc) or just anything that you know will help me get better. thanks for the time and support.

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That's a pretty long list of things you want to learn, maybe too long for these forums, and a photography class is probably the best thing.

But for just getting started, you might take a look at Sony's Digital Photography 101 list of articles, Courses and Tutorials.
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A quick reply to cover things:

Low lighting situatiuon:

Use a flash device, Aim the flash towards the ceiling to have a much more natural lighting

Or flash direct, but if possible leave enough space behind the subject to prevent shadow.

Or use a diffuser to soften the shadows

Situation: dark outside, the Paris Eiffel tower is lit up and your subject (person) is dark . Use a slower shutter speed for instance 0.6 seconds... What happens is that the flash will go off and freeze the subject in your picture....but continue to recieve light from the lit up tower... (use a tri pod if needed...)

Bright lighting.... (i do not own a A300, So I am not sure if the 300 has a good dynamic range compensation ability. The 700 has)

- Use the camera to meter the lighting from any skin / darker grass surface, use flash to make the subject lighter, the camera will soften the surrounding light as it's to bright.

- Turn and shoot with the light behind your back...

Moving subjects:

Use S mode (shutterspeed) and choose a fast enough speed to shoot and make the subject freeze. Use higher ISO to make the shutter speed faster. But not too high...because then you will get grain in your picture,

The best way to freeze subjects: Flash... instance freezer (dragon ball Z)

Flowing water: Experiment with shutter speed (S mode) try slow and fast times..see the difference

Edit: A mode is used to have control over your diafragma. High F number for instance F5.6 will give you less light, but the field of depth will be big (F8 even bigger DOF)

F1.4 will have very shallow DOF but because the hole in the lens is soo big..the light entering your camera is much more.

Read internet websites about Depth of field (DOF) Very interesting

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h8tr3d wrote:
... or just anything that you know will help me get better. ...
Read, Shoot, Look at the results, Think, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, ... and think a bit more while you read, shoot, and look at the results.

Visit art galleries for photo shows and try to figure out how the pictures were made, and why they are considered art instead of a snapshots.

Just remember there are (at least) two definitions of how to decide if something is art:
*- an amateur says, "art is in the eye of the beholder."
*- a pro says, "art is in the eye of the check book holder."
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thanks a lot man!!! i checked it out and it helped a lot! thanks allot again!!
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hey man!! thanks!! i am taking a class for photography and its nice to see that you and my teacher are pretty much saying the same thing... what am trying to say was that its good to hear it from a someone with out the title you know... thanks again!!!
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