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I see I have 3 different types of Auto focus pre sets to choose from. My question is what type to choose, for what type of shot. I have had some bad shots with subject out of focus due to rushing and not choosing the correct focus area. As allways Thanks in advance.
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There are 2 different features that affect autofocus, both of which have three choices:
  • Autofocus Mode[/*]
    • AF-S (Single-shot AF) - The camera focuses, and locks the focus,when the shutter button is pressed halfway down or, if Eye-Start AF is enabled, when you put your eye to the optical viewfinder. During Continuous shooting, the focus does not change, even if the subject moves. [/*]
    • AF-A (Automatic AF)- This mode starts off like AF-S, but if the subject moves, it switches to AF-C. [/*]
    • AF-C (Continuous AF)- The camera focuses continuously. If the subject moves, the camera continues to focus. During Continuous shooting, the focus adjusts if the subject moves.
  • Autofocus Area[/*]
    • Wide - The camera selects from among the nine AF points for focusing. [/*]
    • Spot - The camera uses the center AF point for focusing. [/*]
    • Local - You select from among the nine AF points for focusing.[/*]
See the A300/A350 Instruction Manual, pages 74, 75, 67,and 96.

So, if the subject is motionless, AF-S with any Autofocus Area setting is fine. But if the subject is moving, AF-C (or, to save batteries, AF-A) with the Autofocus Area setting of Wide (or Spot, if you can keep the spot on the subject) would be better.

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