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a friend of mine just sold me a minolta maxxum 4000 flash for 30.00 and he has no shoe for it. will it work with my a 300. i looked at the flash and it different then the sony. if i get a hot shoe for it will i loose my ttl on this.. i would really appreciate any help here..

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That flash is not compatible with your Sony. It's not fully compatible with most Minolta film models either. It was designed for the original Maxxum 7000 and 9000 models. Minolta changed it's flash system in newer film models, and changed it again for newer digital cameras.

You'd need a Minolta FS-1100 adapter to give your camera an .iso standard hotshoe to use it. But, you'd need to use the manual power settings on the flash to control it's output, using manual exposure on the camera body. Sorry, no TTL You'll find some generic versions of this adapter from http://www.gadgetinfinity.com

Here's one example:


Here's a less expensive model without voltage protection.


I use one of these adapters with a Sunpak 222 Auto and Sunpak 333 Auto (inexpensive Auto Thyristor models like these allow the flash to control the output, based on the amount of reflected light seen by their built in sensors, without the need to use manual power settings on a flash). I still need to use manual exposure on the camera body with them. I got the smalller 222 Auto for $7.00 from keh.com, and got the larger 333 Auto for $25.00 (as new in box from bhphotovideo.com).

If you want TTL, you'll need to stick with one of these models in a hotshoe attached flash:

Minolta 2500 (D)
Minolta 3600 HS (D) - or Sony HVL-F36AM
Minolta 5600 HS (D) - or Sony HVL-F56AM
Sony HVL-F42AM
Sony HVL-F58AM

Note that most Minolta flash models that have the same hotshoe design as your A300 are not compatible either. So, don't rush out and buy something like a Minolta 5400HS, even though the shoe looks the same (sorry, no TTL with those). Most will always fire at full power on a dSLR, because the protocol used for communication between the camera and flash changed for digital. You need a (D) flash in a Minolta model for TTL compatability with Minolta or Sony dSLR models.

That's because the sensors in digital cameras don't work well for metering from (like you do with off the film metering during a flash exposure, due to the different reflective characteristics of the sensor versus film). So, a metering preflash is used instead with Digital. Based on the reflected light seen by the camera from this metering preflash, it knows how long the main flash burst needs to be. Older non-D Minolta flash models don't understand how to use a preflash.

There are a also few (very few) third party flash models that are TTL compatible with Minolta or Sony dSLR models. I'd stick to Metz if going that direction (making sure to get the lastest SCA3302 foot for one (older firmware versions may not work correctly). You can see some reviews of flash models from Sony and Minolta dSLR owners if you follow the links from this page:


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