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Default body/lense compatability issues.

I'm shotting an alpha 350. I've recently come into a lot of md and mc mount lenses and had to buy a converter ring so that the hardware would fit together. The problem is that the camera doesn't sense when a lense is attached to it and therefore locks the shutter, the end result being, obviously, that I can't soot. Is there some way, any way, possible that I can override the software in my camera body that locks the shutter in the response to the "no lense attached" sensation that it perceives?
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Welcome to the Forums.

You posted this in our Sony Forum setup for non-dSLR cameras. We have a separate Sony Alpha dSLR / Konica Minolta dSLR Forum (and I'll go ahead and move your post there now).

With the A350, you'll probably need to set the camera to both Manual Exposure (M on your mode dial) and Manual Focus before the shutter will release. I don't think that model has the ability to set it to release priority without using manual exposure if it doesn't see a lens attached.

It's my understanding that if you use an adapter with Focus Confirmation built in, it fools the camera into thinking you're using an AF lens, and the camera will meter and release the shutter in Aperture Priority Mode, too (of course, you'd still need to set the aperture manually using the aperture ring on the lens).

Gadget Infinity sells MC/MD lens to Minolta Maxxum/Sony Alpha body adapters with focus confirmation chips built in if you prefer to use Aperture Priority instead of Manual Exposure.

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Jim is correct. The A200 manual (which is very similar to the A350) indicates the the dial needs to be set to M when using a telescope or any other lens that is not recognized by the camera.

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The following link is very helpful for questions like this one. If you use KM film cameras also, as I do, there is a wealth of information.
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Default Sony Alpha 350 Manual Shutter Override with a T-Ring

Just wanted to confirm that the posted solution of setting the camera to Manual focus and 'M' for manual exposure works to get the shutter to release for a no-lens or a non-Minolta/Sony lens situation. I had the same question since I am going to start trying to use this camera for astronomy photos and need to use a T-ring adapter for prime focus photography with my telescopes.


Scott in Harwood, MD
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Harwood's a nice area. I've been through there several times, and even have some friends there. It's also probably a really good place for astrophotography.

Tom in Upper Marlboro, MD
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