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They also mention dimmer lenses in the same section about the SP line. ;-)

"When used with lenses with smaller maximum apertures (F/4 and F/5.6, for example), there will be little difference in image quality as compared with the standard Tamron teleconverters. When used with lenses wider than 90mm, the SP teleconverters can actually comprise image quality."

You're just not going to see as much benefit to the better TC with a lens that isn't as sharp from what I gather from reading it. I'd get the better one anyway if I were buying a TC, especially considering the wide range of lenses the author of that Dyxum article found worked fine with it (including some dimmer non-SP Tamron lenses).
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quite interesting info there guys, thanks, I think I will go down the 1.4x TC as it's going to give me enough reach without sacrificing the quality as much as a 1.7x - 2x
TC would, i think it's allways going to be a compromise but with money being the biggest limiting factor i think now I have the Tamron 70 - 300mm (thanks lads) then adding a 1.4x Tc should give me the best compromise I can get at the same time giving me enough reach to catch those awkward long shot's. In the future I will keep a look out for a decent quality long lens, poss a mirror from a good manufacturer s/h
I think I might look out for a cheap wide angle next, any recomendations for a s/h reasonably priced decent W/A lens guys ?
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I presume you have the kit 18-70 lens. How much wider do you want to go? See http://www.tamron.com/lenses/learnin...comparison.php
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