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Default new to me camera bargain

A friend came round yesterday after hearing i was starting out in photography and gave me (for just 25) some camera gear
Minolta Dynax 300Si Body
Cobra 700 af mi flash with hand grip and off board box ?
sigma 28-80mm macro aspherical zoom lens
Minolta 35-70mm af macro zoom lens
Minolta 70-210mm zoom 3.5-4.5 (heavy lens feels like metal)
Aluminium case for all of the above
for just 25
I think I got BARGAIN really
I now plan to set up a darkroom and shoot some good old B&W film with the camera for fun
I take it I can use all the lenses on my new A300 Sony ? but what about the flash gun can I use the flash gun with my sony? will i need some sort of adapter to make the flash work?
it would be a real bonus if i could use the flash gun (it's a minolta fit one to fit the Dynax 300si) on the sony as well.
thanks guys
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The lenses should work fine on your A300. The Sigma would be the only one that "might" have a problem (as some older Sigma models have been known to have compatibility issues with newer cameras) But, chances are, it will work, too.

As for the flash, you'd probably need to go with manual exposure and flash settings to get it working properly (if you're lucky). Most flash models designed for film are not going to work properly with digital cameras in TTL Auto modes (because they don't understand the newer commands from digital cameras for a metering preflash and more). So, they tend to fire at full power if you try to use TTL Auto modes with them. If it's got any non-TTL Auto settings (or manual power settings), you may be able to get it working by using manual exposure on the camera, setting the flash and camera to match for ISO speed and aperture. From what i can find out, trigger voltage should be around 4.4 volts with that flash model. So, it should be safe to use in your hotshoe. The problem is going to be getting proper exposure using it.
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