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Default From Sony H9 to Sony A300-a good move?

Hi, I have had several Sony cameras, including the p&s w55, H5, and the H9 (which are kind of between the p&s and DSLR). My H9 went on the blink after taking thousands of photos of vacations and grandbabies, so the store I purchased it at let me trade it today for the Sony A300 (I had purchased a warranty). They did an even trade since the A300 was the only camera in stock with the tilt LCD screen like my Sony H9.

Now, I'm terrified to open the box of the new A300! I had been thinking about upgrading from my H9 to a "real slr" for quite some time, but had mainly used the H9 in auto mode. I don't know anything about choosing lenses.

I love photographing children and landscapes. I'm getting pretty good with Photoshop. I've been taking approx. 3000 photos each year.

Should I be very, very afraid? I don't want all my photos to be terrible now that I have a "real" camera! I have a friend due with her first baby soon, and I'm supposed to do the photos for her. I don't even know where to start now! I guess I should start by opening the box, but that would mean I have to keep the camera instead of being able to exchange it.

Before this "gift" exchange (really, they charged me NO additional $ and my H9 was 2 years old), I was considering purchasing the Canon XTI. Now, I'm not sure about all this.

Please give words of wisdom here! Thanks!
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Don't be afraid at all..... You will need to get a lens if their is not one in the box. A good place to start is an 18mm - 70mm or a 28mm - 80mm and then look at a 55mm - 200mm or 70mm- 300mm. The hardest part of the learning curve is going to be learning to twist the barrel on the lens. You will then just need to experiment with your camera and try things out and see what works for you. Try shooting in the P and A modes and mess with the f-stop values in the A mode to change your depth of field (how much light you let into the camera)........

Personally I use a 28 - 300mm lens on my camera because I tend to be around a lot of smoke and fire and changing lenses is not something I want to do. But that said the lens was not cheap, I spent over $300 on it.

Good luck and don't be afraid. Just play around with it and see what works for you. There is an Auto mode by the way on that camera. But in my line of work I find the P mode and some A mode give me what I need 90% of the time.

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Thanks for the response! The box has an 18-70 F3.5-5.6 lense in it. I really like shooting the grandbabies without flash. Is this lense okay to use indoors or will I need something else?
Thanks again!
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It was a good move. I also moved from H9 to DSLR-α350 which is similar to α300 except with higher megapixels. (Not 'exchange', I am keeping the H9 for backup usage.)
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