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Default flash for sony a300

ok i have a chance to get a flash for my A300 Sony HVLF42AM and i was wondering if it was 200.00. i have my local shop trying to sell me one that has a strobe remote on it. so it goes off when it see's my flash go off. so my dilema is what one should i but..
TCav gave me some good advice before. and it has helped out a great deal.. i do like the A300 and my 50mm lens but now i need a good flash.. but the price is set on both. the local shop is a pro master7500 type i believe..

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The flash that was demonstrated to you in the camera store is called a Slave Flash. the Sony HVLF 42AM or higher powered HVLF 58AM flash are what is called dedicated flashes that have a true through the lens connection with your A-300 camera through its hot shoe. Thus, the HVLF 42AM is a much better choice.

Sarah Joyce
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The HVL-F42AM normally sells for $299. So, if you can get one for $200, that's a very good deal.

Yes, it can work in the hotshoe or off camera. The built in flash on your A300 has the ability to wirelessly control the HVL-F42AM (unlike Canon or Nikon entry level dSLR models which require a separate commander unit or another dedicated flash to control their dedicated flash models wirelessly), and the HVL-F42AM even supports wireless HSS (High Speed Sync), so you can use it in brighter lighting outdoors at shutter speeds faster than the camera's x-sync speed if desired. I'd avoid the Promaster.
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x2 on the HVL-F42AM. It can be found for $200, and it is worth it.

You will not regret it, it is (along with the HVL-F58AM - a much more advanced and expensive unit) a vast improvement over the already very good old Minolta models.
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