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Default 70-210 f4 or sony 70-300 g lens HELP

I have at the moment a 70-210mm F4 aka beercan lens in as new condition in the original box ..

I have been looking at getting a sony 70-300 ssm g lens .i can get one for around 500 here in UK.

My dialema is for my Sony A700

As the beercan is in mint condition should i keep it .or should i sell it to part pay for the g lens .

i cant afford anything above the price stated ,ideally a lens that offers F2.8 in the G range will be nice but far too expensive for my budget ..

I know there are sigmas and tamron lenses in the above price list ,but are they as good as the sony G lens .ive heard and read that the sigmas are poorly built , and the gears get stripped when using on a sony alpha .

Tamron lenses i dont know much about .

I dont do allot of indoor shooting so i thought the 70-300mm g lens will be better than the beercan .

can anyone here help me decide on what to do .i dont want to waste 500 on a lens that wont be any better than the beercan .

But the reviews i have seen regarding the G lens are very good

thanks in advance

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It depends on what you want to shoot.

Without a doubt, the Sony 70-300 'G' is better than the Beercan. It's sharper, longer, has less CA, and focuses faster. On the other hand, the Beercan is smaller, lighter, and brighter, and it uses a smaller diameter filter.

If you don't need the extra reach, or you need or want the larger aperture, or you can put the extra money to better use, the Beercan is nice. (There's also the "bird in the hand" thing, sometimes referred to as "the devil you know.") Otherwise, the 'G' sounds like a good deal.
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I just sold my beercan and just acquired the 70-300 G ... no comparison ... the G is better for me ... the extra reach ... the quietness ... and I'm not so sure it is heavier although it is bigger. I don't think there would be much point in owning both? Cheers and good luck!
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