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Default I was all set for the A700

But I must admit that all the talk of the A550 is really making me wonder. I have seen some High ISO shots and I was really impressed. Plus even though I do not have live view, it can come in handy. And I may be wrong, but I think that I have read that the kit lens that comes with the A550 is pretty good as well. Im using an A100 now so either will be a major step up. So I was just trying to get some more thoughts. I know the A550 is very new and we will get more info as time goes by but I know some of you got some thoughts already.
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That would be a tough choice.

As an A700 user, I envy some of the new features in the A500 and A550, especially the in camera HDR, where they can take two photos at 3 EV apart (one exposed for the shadows and the other for the highlights) and combine them in camera, even compensating for minor differences in framing by aligning them in camera (to reduce the need for a tripod). That's neat. :-)

When using Live View, the new face detection that helps with both AF tracking and exposure (to insure faces are properly exposed) looks pretty nifty, too. If you wanted to shoot with a camera overhead, that should do the trick if you can point it in the right direction to find the faces and lock on to one (and the ability to use the LCD for framing should help with that part).

I'd probably lean towards the A500 using a 12MP CMOS Sensor. But, the A500 doesn't get some of the A550's features (for example, the higher resolution LCD and 7fps mode if you don't mind losing AF after the first frame). Grrrr.

I'd probably miss my A700's larger viewfinder, and I prefer it's ergonomics to smaller (or larger) cameras. It seems "just right" for my tastes, and balances a bit better with some of my lenses compared to the smaller bodies with a larger grip surface helping to make longer shooting periods more comfortable).

There are pros and cons to any of them. ;-)
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You are correct, JimC-

It is a tough choice. For me, I am more drawn to the A-500, I like the HDR feature. i sure would like to find an A-500 professional review.

The contra logic is this:why another DSLR camera.

Sarah Joyce
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