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Default Blurry Viewfinder/ cleaned it but to no avail. (a330)

Okay so in july i got my first and only SLR camera for my birthday (Sony Alpha DSLR-A330) with a DT 18-55mm and a DT 55-200mm lens. It was awesome, until i took a trip to Puerto Rico. It was hot and humid outside and cold and dry inside. I took my camera outside to take pictures and the front of the lens, the screen, and the viewfinder all instantly fogged up, but after several minutes it went away, or i could wipe it down. This is when my issue started. When i got back inside i looked through my viewfinder and it was still blurry so i once again wiped down the front lens, the viewfinder, and the LCD screen but it was still blurry. i thought might just be the lens, so i switched it for my other lens (which hadn't been outside, and was not foggy) and i had the same problem. Thus i figured it must be a mirror or lens on the inside of the camera, so i took the lens off and looked inside and everything seemed clean and clear (i am too afraid to touch anything inside of there haha). So, what do you think is the issue, or is there anything i can do to fix it? It still takes pictures beautifully but i can't see what i'm snapping pictures of very well. Thanks!!
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It sounds like either your mirror or your focusing screen (possibly both) are fogged up. It's possible to leave the lens off to let the mirror box air out, but that also lets nasties in.

In a clean envronment, remove the lens and clean the mirror and focusing screen.
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OK, this is probably a stupid question, but did you try adjusting the diopter on the viewfinder? (you'd be surprised how many people at work ask me to fix their computer because the mouse pointer won't move - and the mouse is unplugged.)
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Wow now i feel dumb haha yeah that was all it was... just needed to adjust it. guess this is one of those photography newby things =[
Thanks for all of your insightful, and quick help!
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