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Originally Posted by starbase1 View Post
Thanks Bill.

Photo-5, thanks for the input. My prefered stitching tool is PT Gui, which I have been using for some years. In my experience it does a great job, even with no manual tweaking. What were the issues you were getting with the kit lens, and what did you choose to replace it? (I never understood why manufacturers sometimes supply poor lenses with their cameras - itcan only give a bad impression...)

I was having the exact same type of focusing issues you were explaining in your above posts. Also my panoramas never would be in the same focus frame to frame so they would not blend properly. Changed lenses and it solved my image and AF problems.

I am using Sigma 50 - 150mm f2.8**
28-300mm Tamron f3.5 - 6.3 **
I also have a 70 -200mm Minolta film camera lens f3.5 - 4.5
I also have 55 - 200mm Sony Kit lens

I sold my 18 - 70mm Sony kit lens

** always carry with me

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Thanks - I was going to update yesterday evening, but had some serious PC issues, (now fixed).

Yesterday lunchtime I did some simple tests for panos, and went back to the kit lens. I was careful and also had the camera set not to take a photo without focus lock. I also went back to the basic kit lens, to keep things simple, and got an excellent fit on every test pano... I'm not convinced it's there yet, but it's progress.

I did notice some distinct colour fringeing on bright areas though...

Thanks for the lens suggestions, I think I'll start another thread to get suggestions for a better lens.

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