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Dammit, the company I was dealing with say they cannot get one from Sigma, as they have stopped making that lens with a Sony fitting.

And I had pretty much given upon finding a UK based store where itwas really in stock, plus I don't want to buy a second hand one.

Any alternatives people can recommend please?
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The new version with optical stabilisation and an af engine is due any day; already available in one or two online shops in Sweden(cost is approximately 35% higher than previous version), so should be the same for the UK, I'd think?
If not, then the old version is likely still available from ebay (hongkong: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sigma-17-70mm-...a5449d506#shId) or through amazon.co.uk(http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sigma-17-70m...3463064&sr=1-3)
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The Tamron 17-50, and the Sony/Zeiss 16-80 are also very good.
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Thanks to everyone for their advice and support.

In the end I went for the Sony 18-250, a bit more money than i wanted to spend, but I was impressed by reviews and could also get it from a local shop, (so I got to actually hold it before parting with the cash).

Today we had decent weather for the first time in weeks, so I headed outto try it in a new location to me. As advertised the autofocus was fast, and by paying attention to what it was focusing on, I had good results - even when firing off shots rapidly to catch wildlife.

I see no noticable colour fringes, and its nice and sharp across the range.

I am now very happy, and feel I can get great results from the camera!

Thanks again to everyone who got me to this point!
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