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Default Minolta "berrcan" lens help

Hello all,
I am very new to photography. Learning new things everyday. About 6 months ago I purchased a Sony A300 and just this weekend I purchased the "beercan" lens from Minolta. I read online that it was a good lens for portraits and also for sports pictures. I took a few pictures and they look good but I was wondering if there was a way to get the object in focus to look sharper. Maybe it is something I am doing, as I said I very new to this. I love it but I get lost reading about all the features.
Thanks in advance for any help.
here are 2 pics of my dogs

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When you're filling the frame that much with a smaller subject, you're going to have a very shallow depth of field (amount of the image that looks sharp as you get further away from your focus point). Those were taken at wide open apertures (where your depth of field will be shallower). With a depth of field that shallow, you may only see an eye in focus (versus the rest of a face). To increase depth of field, either don't fill the frame as much (go for more of the body versus a smaller head shot only), or use a smaller aperture (higher f/stop number).

See this depth of field calculator for more information on how that works:


Note that most lenses are softest with the aperture wide open, too (f/4 with your lens).

Also, the second photo was taken at 1/10 second without a flash. Frankly, I'm very surprised it's as sharp as it is at shutter speeds that slow with no flash (I'd expect more blur from subject movement and/or camera shake trying to use shutter speeds that slow taking a photo of a dog). For faster shutter speeds, use a higher ISO speed (or, just use a flash instead so that you don't need shutter speeds that slow and/or take them in better lighting).
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Thanks for the help!
Also is there any editing software that will help? I currently don't use any, not sure if there is anything you can suggest?
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