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That's nice to know. I may even buy one myself to supplement my Sunpaks. I just wish it had HSS. :-)

But, my A700 does have a bit higher sync speeds compared to my KM 5D. So, I guess I could always use Tv mode and keep it at 1/250 (and use an ND filter to reduce the light getting through, at the expense of a bit of flash range if I wanted wider apertures).

But, even with my Sunpaks, I sometimes just use Av Mode with Exposure Compensation dialed in at -2EV when in daylight, stopping down the aperture as needed to keep within x-sync speed limits (or just use manual exposure instead with similar settings when outdoors). The Sunpaks still fire OK if you exceed the limits a bit (just don't exceed them too much or you'll end up with dark bands). With a dedicated solution, I'd probably need to be more careful (or it may not fire at all if you exceed the camera's x-sync speed).
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RDUVE..... how are you? Wasn't sure if you were still active here. I am back after a long absence.

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Originally Posted by rduve View Post
Could be. I am using rechargable NiMH batteries. Will let you know if I find out a pattern. But I hope it just keeps working now. Thanks for your help, Jim. Rainer

rechargeable nimh are 1.22 volts
rechargeable ni-cads are 1.2 volts
std alkaline are 1.5 volts
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I have found the Energizer Ultimate Lithium to be the best performer in my flash units.

I did rechargeable ni-cad for several years and did not know until I just now looked that they were 1.2v.

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