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Default Sensor cleaning feature - A700 vs. others?

When folks talk about the advantages of the A700 over the Minolta 7D (I owned two 7D's and now have two A700's) they usually mention the megapixels, the improved auto-focus etc. etc. but rarely do I hear comments about the sensor cleaning function in the A700. I am very impressed by this great feature - I used to have to clean the sensor on my 7D's about once a week or so and I have now had these A700's for 5 months and 3 months respectively and have yet to find any sensor spots on my photos! Kudoes to the A700 - this is a great improvement and much appreciated. Is anyone aware of whether or not the effectiveness of this feature has ever been tested, reviewed or rated across camera brands? I see comparisons of the anti-shake functions but not this feature? I'm curious to see if the Sony version is particularly effective or if they are all this good? Cheers!
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I'm not impressed by mine.

When I acquired my A700 a year ago, for the first three months I had to wet clean every two or three weeks, then once a month, and now a year later about once every three months.

I believe there were two issues with why I had to do this but can't really prove either. I think that initially I was seeing some extra lubricant or debris being shed from the shutter mechanism. I have not seen of late the type of "blobs" in quantity or frequency as I saw the first 6 months. The other issue is that my Sigma 50-500 acts like a balloon air pump sucking in pollen or dust. This is one issue I'll have to live with.

Today, a year later, the "Clean" option in the camera menu does not remove the larger particles from the sensor. Typically, every 800 to 1000 shots (about 3 weeks) I'll try the Clean function in combination with a blower, then Lenspen SensorKlear, then electrostatic brush. I have done this often enough that I don't bother trying one step at a time and then snapping a f22 shot to check for dust.

technique... http://www.cleaningdigitalcameras.com/inspecting.html

I just do it all and then my sensor is clean. My latest cleaning device seems to work quite well - the Arctic Butterfly electrostatic brush.

As to other brands.... I've read that Olympus has the best system. They apparently have a "sticky pad" at the bottom side of their sensor to capture and hold particles that fall off the sensor and are said to have a more effective anti-static coating on the sensor.

Edit: PS... my lens has never left the body except to clean the sensor.


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There are numerous variables that contribute to sensor issues.

I think the biggest is your location when you change the lens. I always make sure that it is calm if I am outside, and do it quickly.
How often do you changes lenses? I usually have my 18-250mm on the camera, my walk around lens, and only change for indoor low light, or distance shots.

I have had the camera for a little over a year now and the on board system and the blower have done the job so far.
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FF it is great to see you back and posting again. Welcome!

Yes, I agree that the largest contributing factor to sensor debris is the environment in which a lens is changed. If at all possible change lenses indoors and out of any wind.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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