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The other thing is the A550 is about 3 months old only. It pretty much just came out. So it has not made it's way around the market to much yet. Guess that is one of the big reason you do not see to many A550 samples.
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Agreed, shoturtle - that must be it.

Either that or the few who have actually bougth one dont want to admit it doesn't meet the expectations....

Just wondering, really - when I got my "new" G1, I was so proud, i had to post photos right away, two-tree days after I got it.

But I am in no hurry myself. I can wait until sometimes after the summer and I do have a camera I trust, because I will never sell the G1!

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I have a Sony A200 which uses the following lenses that I own:

Minolta Maxxum f1.7 50mm. (all auto functions active).
Minolta Maxxum f3.5-f4.5, 28-105mm zoom (all auto functions active).
Minolta Maxxum f4.5-f5.6, 100-300mm zoom (all auto functions active).
Pentax 300mm f4 Takumar SMC with M42 to Sony adapter (manual only).
LZOS 500mm f8 Russian reflex with M42 to Sony adapter (manual only).

I sold the kit lens that came with the A200 as it was inferior to all of the above.

The lenses listed above have a combined cost of less than $600.00 from Ebay. I am very happy with the results that this selection of lenses provides me and I submit to you that it is one way to go with your Sony DSLR that you are considering to purchase.

I wish you good luck with whatever decision you make.
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Right now Sony is offering the A500 body for $649 and the A550 for $850.

I own both the 350 and 550, and IMO the 550 is a much better camera. While I am a confirmed Pentaxian, the A550 is the handiest camera I have ever owned, and I find I use it much more than I ever thought I would. The combination of its improved live view and hi-res tiltable view screen makes it uncommonly useable in certain situations, although if you only use a camera on a tripod for landscapes, I can't see why you would need it, and the Pentax K-X might be a better option. However, there are plenty of used Maxxum AF lenses around at reasonable prices, and at the time they were issued, they sere very good lenses, and still are - except for a couple of lenses with unique features, I have felt no pressure to use any but the extensive stable of Maxxum lenses I still have from film days (which is why I bought the Sonya). They are full frame lenses, which means with the smaller image circle utilized by the APS-C sensor, you are using only the sharper central portion of the lens, and eliminate the softer edges, so in some ways they may paradoxically perform better now than before! And you have the option of the only autofocus 500mm reflex lens available anywhere.
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