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Default Help with A200

Hi Folks

Just bought an A200 and I'm impressed, it's my first DSLR.

What I can't figure out is how to use the LCD as a viewfinder instead of the optical viewfinder, like I could on my old Point-and-shoot Olympus, or even if it's possible to do so.

Can anybody assist?

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I really don't thinks that's possible on the A200. I think that started with the A3** . But not sure.
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What you're refering to is called 'Live View', and the A200 doesn't do that. Unlike P&S digicams, dSLRs use a prism and a mirror to view the subject through the lens that the photo will be taken with. In order to take the photo, the mirror must lift out of the way so the image sensor can be exposed, and then returned to allow the user to view the subject through the lens again. Some dSLRs can do 'Live View' But it's not much of an asset for most things. First, when an image sensor is constantly exposed to light, it can warm up, causing thermal noise to appear in images. Second, dSLRs, especially when they have long lenses attached, can be heavy and are difficult to hold at arm's length for very long.
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hobo, when folks step up from p&s, there is always a getting-used-to-it period. The things that shock are usually: no or poor live view, bland pics out-of-camera, short zooms, complicated usage (not to mention poor video). I got the sony a550 after looking at the features very carefully. The first time you hand your dslr to a p&s-er to take a pic, they'll be lost if live view isn't on. In party situations, i find live view a lot easier to use. In sunlight, I want the viewfinder. Sorry, there's no good-news answer for you.
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Thanks folks!

I'm not that distressed by the lack of "Live View" I just wondered if I was not reading the manual right or something. I've got plenty of experience with film SLRs so I'm okay with the optical viewfinder and agree that in bright sunlight the LCD is useless anyway.

I still like the camera!

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In the 1980's when autofocus became mainstream, there was hot debate on whether it would ever replace manual focus. I think we know the answer to that question now. Then, with digital slrs, live view was debated, but, in the end, all dslrs will probably have it, as well as video. All this is inevitable, because consumers demand it. I have a Sony A300, with live view, and never use it, because I am from the "old school" of photography, but autofocus is nice because as we get older, our eyes are not as good, and modern autofocus is just so accurate...
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