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Hello again,

I've never had the option to have full-sized pictures on my flickr account, presumably thanks to the account type. I think it's only available to pro-accounters.

In the couple of diagnostic series I've shot so far the issue's been constant: left side is severely softer than any other side. Even in the downsized flickr-versions of the full images, you can tell the left sides are horrible, at least @ f/5.6.

Still, the brick-wall suggestion seems sensible and I'll try it at first opportunity. Before or after I'll put comparisons of right-hand crops up as well, just so that the rather noticable difference can be viewed.
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It's possible that, since all your lenses seem to produce images that are softer on the left side, that your image sensor might need to be aligned. Just a thought.
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That could be a possibility; I know nothing of the phenomenon.
The softness is variable between lenses in strength and to a lesser degree distribution, but it affects at least the left side with all three lenses.

A fourth and fifth lens or another Sony DSLR would be best to test with, I suppose, though both options are unavailable.

Did at least do the test you suggested. I hope it sheds some light, even if it's with a wooden, not-entirely-uniform wall.->


f/5.6: Left-hand softness is less discernable, but very much alive from the Tamron and Sigma. The kit shows very minor left side softness. The Sigma is sharper than the kit on the right hand side and much softer on the left and a little softer in the middle.

f/8: Kit is still sharper than the Sigma except on the right hand side, and all across compared to the Tamron.

f/16: Sigma is arguably a little sharper than the kit across. Tamron still dead last.


I guess what I'm asking is - this rather extreme unevenness in photos from the Tamron and Sigma both, with the left sides not becoming as sharp as their righthand counterparts before f/11 or f/16, is it abnormal? Suspect it is, as reviews doesn't mention anything like it.
Does it then indicate two flawed lenses, or a malfunctional camera?
Only way to test is with yet another lens or another Sony DSLR I suppose.

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