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Default Unusable a550 Live View in Low Light

The camera is at the Laredo repair center so I cannot give your suggestion a try. I understand what you are saying and maybe if the technicians and consumer service center people had known enough about the product they could have suggested resetting the defaults or, as someone else suggested in another forum to turn down the display settings, I would not have had to send it in. However, no individual in the string of about 5 Sony employees that I have spoken to really said more than the scripted reply you can read at the website about live view noise in low light.

Nevertheless, as I stated before this is more than just a noisy image it is an unusable display in low light which results in the inability to see an image. I also might add that between three forums I have received two comments on the a300, one one on the a500, and 4-5 on the a550 so far. Only one described anything close to my problem. In fact one of the a300 owners stated that he sent his back for repairs for the same issue and according to him Sony fixed it.
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It sounds like something odd may be going on (like electronic interference of some type, perhaps caused by a faulty component) if it's unusable in lower light (unless some of the display changes are impacting it, and a Reset to defaults would fix that).

The A550 display does get grainy and bit smeared with any camera movement in very low light (and I mean light levels like you may have trying to take cityscape type images at night), due to the gaining up of the sensor signal to the display and slower refresh rate. You'll see the exact same issues with most other cameras in very low light. But, it should still be usable, not as bad as you're describing. I've used one in very low light on a tripod like that, and appreciated having the tilting LCD and Live View to help out with framing.
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JimC's post makes the most sense from a possible fault standpoint. It sounds like something is radiating a frequency that should not be.

If they give you any information as to the fault I would be interested in hearing back.

Good luck as it is a nice camera.

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