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Thank you. I will try it tonight. I'm shooting a friend B-Day party inside a club and will try it in manual mode. Also, I usually don't like to go pass 800 on my ISO. Is that a good rule or not?
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I think from what I've seen of the A900 sticking to a max ISO of 800 is fine, I believe that 1600 got a bit too noisy to use much.

Let us know how you get on.

One good thing is that if you have the exposure set to 2 stops below ambient (remember we are talking manual exposure) then you can get away with pretty slow shutter speeds as the flash will be freezing the subjects. I will sometimes use 1/8s in these situations if I have to but like to be at 1/30s if I can.
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Thank you Mark and TCav,

Below are links to pictures I took recently. The one's on shutterfly account title Hula is what I took after your advice. Please let me know what you guys think.


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I have a question about the group shot you posted on the first page. Where did you aim when you set your AF?

I am reading a book that discusses shooting groups and the comment in the book would indicate that when shooting groups where the people are at different distances you would set the AF on one of the people closest then recompose the shot and do the capture. The reason given is that the AF area will extend further to the rear than to the front. It will not focus an equal distance to the front as it will to the rear of the AF point.

Looking at your image and going by this book if you established your AF on the person in the center there would be problems getting the people closer to your camera in proper focus.

Is there anything to this?

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The DoF in front of the focus distance is less than the DoF behind the focus distance, but not by much at large apertures. For outdoor group photos where you can stop down, the advice you read is definately true.

In his shot, phamj57 used a focal length of 35mm and an aperture of f/2.8, with a distance of about 8 feet. That gives him a DoF of from 7.2 to 9 feet. He was using flash anyway, so he could have used a smaller aperture and gotten a larger DoF which would have encompassed all his subjects.
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