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Default How do third party/sigma/tokina..lenses work?

Since different brands use different lens mounts and I assume that most all third party lense makers (sigma/tamron/tokina, etc) make lenses that would work for all brands, how do they do it? Are there lens adapters that connect to the different cameras to mount the lenses?

Like if I had a Sony DSLR and a Pentax DSLR, and a sigma lens,could I use that lens on both cameras with some sort of adapter?

Thanks for the help!
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Third party lens manufacturers make their lenses with mounts for different camera bodies. There is no adapter. You'd need a lens made with a Sony mount and a seperate lens made with a Pentax mount.
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tamron and tokina buy lic from the the camera brands, so there is hardly any comparability issues. Sigma reverse engineer, so they have had compatibility issues. Most recently the Alpha mount for the new sony A55 and A33 SLT have issues.
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SONY likes to make things ... align with THEIR world ... and it can be a challenge to keep it all operational.

TAMRON has a line of lenses called ADAPTALL ... which actually could work on almost any body ... and they used an ADAPTALL to the specific manufacturer adapter. These lenses were always manual, meaning there were NO electronic connections between them and the camera's computer. You, effectively have to manually put the setting into the camera ... then set the aperture-setting on the ADAPTALL lens.

The third party lens manufacturers do not yet make EVERY lens they have in all mounts. They are getting there, so most common ranges are covered.

Tokina recently has been building SONY-mount on a couple of their new releases.

SIGMA has a couple high-end lenses that ONLY come in Nikon & Canon. They figure there are not enough SONY users to justify even adding the mount to the lens.

TAMRON actually builds several lenses with the SONY brand on them and quit a few lens designs in preference to the SONY build. That cost everyone extra money!

Anyway, different cameras require different lenses ... there is no real universal mounting system, although there probably should be, now. We got universal health care ... so the lenses must be next on the list, right?
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