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I'm in Ireland for the time being and there aren't (to my knowledge) that many online retailers selling cameras (there aren't that many online retailers period, compared to Sweden) and none of them do currently have the A580 (and neither does Pixmania, but Pixmania are pure evil). Nor does the local Sony Center, but they charge sevenhundredsomething euro for the A500..

I can get the A500 for around 540e (incl. shipping) from the UK via Ebay; same goes for the A33.

On eBay, the A580 is only available from Hong Kong it seems, and with a VAT of 21% and a customs duty rate of on average 13% then the price would land at around 760e. Yes, improved AF, LCD, movies, and better options for shooting in low-light conditions, but is that worth around 220e?

Yes, shopping electronics in Europe is something an American tourist would never ever do, but things are the way they are.

Mtnclimber: Cool, that's around what my A100 would produce (jpeg) with ISO400 I think, so the A500 does indeed seem better adept at handling higher ISO speeds : )

As for my build quality nag, alphamountworld says this, among other things, when comparing the A580 with the A100:
"What the A100 Has the A580 Doesn't
  • Stiffer Body Construction (no creaks)"

Which is a tad disappointing, but oh well.

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I am pleased with the fit, finish, and body construction of the A500. The A500 was a value purchase for me. I found it on sale for $(US)440 and I replaced my A230, which I sold on E-Bay. It is not the latest and the greatest, but it meets my needs quite well.

Here is the review that pointed me toward the A500.


My other option is to sell off the A500 and look at getting the new Alpha a33, which appeals to me.

Sarah Joyce

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