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@mwi.... if I can do it, you can do it

When I first acquired my A700 I had constant issues with spots on my sensor. I think there was excess lubricant in the mirror assembly or somewhere and it was making its' way to the sensor. Also, my main lens is a Sigma 50-500 and this zoom design is, imho, like a party balloon hand pump - sucks air in and blows it out but pollens and the like make it to the sensor.

I quickly purchased a bulb blower, Photosol swabs, and the "Eclipse E2" fluid recommended at the time (since then the E2 is discontinued and the standard Eclipse fluid is now recommended for the A700) and have used it several times on the sensor. Initially I was having to clean the sensor every 2 weeks, then over time its' taken longer and longer to collect debris and now I wet clean once every 3 or 4 months, maybe 6 months for the next one.

I did a lot of reading and watching of videos before my first wet clean - YouTube is your friend !!

One of the reasons I no longer wet clean as much is that I have acquired other tools and my cleaning work flow is much simplified.

1. Bulb Blower (Rocket or Hurricane)
2. Static brush (i.e. Arctic Butterfly 724)
3. LensPen SensorKlear (use the Anti-Static Brush afterwards for any residual)
4. Wet Swabs (such as SensorSwabs from PhotoSol)

I seldom use the bulb blower as I find my Arctic Butterfly brush much more effective. There is some thought amongst purists that the bulb blowers blow as much junk onto the sensor as off. If you have a standard non-motorized static type brush the bulb blower can be used to blow the bristles of the brush and create the dust attracting static charge.

Typically for the sensor I'll use the brush first and if there are still spots left I'll use the SensorKlear pen and then the brush to clean up.

If there are still spots after this then the wet clean kit is used - the key to safe wet cleaning is using minimal fluid on the swab.

I use the static brush for the lens as well - it is always in my bag. It is also a very useful tool for cleaning slides before scanning.

I don't have a loupe... maybe soon. I've been using the dust inspection technique described on this page...

This was my brand new sensor....

Some useful links....

LensPen SensorKlear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li4eS_5kXxA

Photosol Wet Clean http://www.photosol.com/products.htm

Arctic Butterfly http://visibledust.com/products.php


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on modern dslr's, the dust removal systems have really decreased the frequency by which you have to clean your sensor, but eventually you will need to. It is really only scary the first time you do it. after that, you realize its quite easy and little to no risk to your camera if you follow one of the myriad of tutorials on the web etc.

i have always used the sensor swabs and eclipse solution. available separate or premoistened. they do the job well and have been around for a long time.

as for cleaning lenses.

well, in the field i will admit to using my t-shirt more than a few times (no arm twisting needed to admit that). but in general i use a rocket blower first, followed by a lens brush if that didnt work. if its a smudge i generally use my lenspen.
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Originally Posted by NewsyL View Post
This was my brand new sensor....

I woulda been Ticked!
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Originally Posted by Hawgwild View Post
Tsk Tsk Claire, don't let TCav hear you say that about the Tshirt LOL
umm yeah no, that wasnt me hahahaha
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