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Default Is this method of cleaning ok?

Mostly I question the camera being back down. Please take a look at this short video. i have an important shoot coming up in a few weeks and i want to have a clean sensor.
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I would not worry too much about the front of the camera facing upwards when cleaning. You pretty much have to do that when using various cleaning methods and there always a chance that dust will "fall" back onto the sensor. If you do one more activation of the Clean function from the camera menu with the camera facing down this is enough to shake off any large dust particles that may have floated in.

But.... a blower is often not enough to remove some stubborn particles, especially pollens or excess camera lubricant.

I've found that a static charge type brush (Arctic Butterfly is one example) works better than a blower but even with that sometimes you have to wet clean.

The video showed the f22 method using a light clored background. For large particles this will work but sometimes you need to be more consistent in your approach. This next web page documents a good method for checking dust on your sensor.


some good info here as well...


I use all of the following:

1. Bulb Blower (Rocket or Hurricane)
2. Electrical Charge type brush (i.e. Arctic Butterfly)
3. LensPen SensorKlear
4. Wet Swabs (such as SensorSwabs from PhotoSol)

I seldom use the blower directly on the sensor as I've come to the belief that the blower just blows more crap onto the sensor at times from crevices within the camera body whereas the charged brush will have the particle cling to the bristles which you lift away and spin or blow off (with the bulb blower) away from the camera.

Usually a combination of #2 and #3 gives me a usable sensor. I wet swab about every 6 months now - when my camera was new I had to do it every 2 weeks due what I think was excess lubricant inside the camera.

Wet Clean...

SensorKlear Pen...

There is a new version that is angled and comes in a kit with a loupe.

Arctic Butterfly brushes...


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Newsyl, thanks for the pointers. I'm reading the "cleaningdigitalcameras" link right now.

well, after reading a bit, i looked around for a supplier in toronto and found out that vistek will clean your camera while-u-wait for $40. Good enough for me and i want to go there anyway. but i thought i'll give the blow idea a try. hey! the worst spots are gone and the few that remain are barely noticeable at f/8 and sometimes will be cropped out of the final image. so, thanks, and i'm ok now.

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