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Some nice 2nd shooter style shots here, were you a guest shooting as a favor to the B&G? I'm interested in knowing why you say that flash was a must in the 3rd shot and actually if flash did anything to help at that distance and in that lighting condition, as I would say it's under exposed still. I like to ask these questions in case someone new is looking as it helps them learn more.

Would love to see some more shots with your primary kit as outdoor weddings are always cool!
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Well Mark I explained to the bride that I was NOT a wedding photographer!! I told her that I would not guarantee anything. But even after telling her this she didn't seem to care. So after that discussion I approached it as a good friend who would bounce around the yard and do my best to get some decent shots. So in the end, yeah a favor. No money was exchanged. My time was their gift. We do share a granddaughter so thats our connection.

The flash.
The approach to the area they were going to stand as they where married was looking into the sun at about 5PM. So I was looking almost directly into the sun as they walked towards me. With the contrast between the bright background and the shadows on the front of their bodies as they walked towards me I could either get properly exposed bodies with blown out backgrounds or just the opposite with the bodies being too dark. The flash balanced out the light between the dark shadows on their bodies with the bright background and that gave me the control I needed to get exposure I was looking for. A balance of the contrasting light with the aid of a flash. It may look dark to you but thats just how I decided to process it. I guess thats my personal style.

I hope that will clarify the reason I felt a flash was needed and maybe it may help someone who might find themselves in similar conditions.

I'll post some more photo's in the people forum.

Thanks for your input Mark.
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