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Raistlin_01 Oct 11, 2011 6:57 PM

Question about date form for folder name.
So if I chose date form to save images instead of standard form, will the folders ever delete themselves? If I upload images and then select format, will that delete the old folders?

Trying to figure out the best way to store images, I like the idea of having them in date form so I know what date they are taken. When you import the pics a folder with the import date is used which isn't always the date the photo's are actually taken.

I am used to Canon where it automatically creates a folder based on the date the photos were taken. Is there any way to do this with PMB?


Clint501 Oct 12, 2011 7:08 AM

I have my A55 set up in the standard mode. When I export the pictures from the camera to my computer they get transferred in dated folders when the pictures were taken. Not the date of the export. If I take pictures over 3 days and wait a few days before exporting them to the computer I will have 3 folders dated the day the pictures were taken.

I use Lightroom 3 to import and export and I use a card reader. After I import the pictures into Lightroom I delete the photos from the card manually.

Raistlin_01 Oct 12, 2011 8:15 AM

I have been eying up LR3, I can't find a negative review about it, just kinda pricey.

Clint501 Oct 12, 2011 11:35 AM

I finally bought it. It's about the only thing I use now. I really like it but it took me a while longer to learn it. You can download a full working copy for 30 days to try.

JimC Oct 12, 2011 2:22 PM

I just do it the old fashioned way, copying the files directly from a memory card to folders on my hard drive, not using any software for that purpose.

I create folders using yyyymmdd for the date I uploaded them (not necessarily the same date as the photos were taken, since I may have more than one day on a card before I get around to copying them).

For example. This is where I'd upload photos to today (using 2011 for the year, 10 for the month, and 12 for the day):


That way, if you sort by folder name, you also get a sort by date, no matter the operating system being used. I can usually remember about when I took a photo, so that kind of structure makes it easier for me to find photos.

I'll usually include subfolders (and separate folders with event names, too). But, I always store the unmodified originals in the yyyymmdd folders.

As for software to help manage your photos, there are many packages around now. Lightroom is one. Bibble Pro (available for OS X, Linux and Windows) is another, with very nice image management, raw conversion and editing capabilities at a great price. See more about it's image management features here:

There are also lots of nice open source image management solutions. For example, the free digiKam software, available for Linux, with loads of nice image management/editing features, using a MySQL backend for databasing images. I keep Linux installed on all of my PCs, with some of them setup in a dual boot configuration with Windows (mostly for testing camera manufacturers' software or testing forums using IE, since I don't use it much otherwise), and some of them just Linux only (since Windows was just wasting space on their drives). See more about it's features by clicking on the links from this overview page:

There are lots of other free solutions around to help manage photos. For example, something like Google's Picasa (available for Windows, Linux and OS X) to make it easy to browse a lot of photos on your drive and tag them for easier searching.

frank-in-toronto Oct 12, 2011 6:40 PM

i use Picasa to upload to google slideshows and such. but one day i discovered that when i gave the album on google a new name, picasa renamed my folder on my hard drive to match. i had sync on i guess. but still, caught me unawares. now i name the folder first and upload it without changing.

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