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penolta Oct 15, 2011 9:48 PM

A77 rave review
November Popular Photography has a full review of the a77. A few of the superlative quotes:

BEST APS-C CAMERA EVER TESTED (cover of home delivery issue)

BEST IN SHOW (article title)

Why Sony's new flagship APS-C model is the one to beat (subtitle)

. . . the results should make Canon and Nikon worry.

Sony has, once again, radically changed the world of DSLRs with its A77.

Neither Canon's 7D nor Nikon's D300s can match the A77's speed or resolution.

. . . the A77's [high resolution OLED] EVF is one of the most amazing things . . . .

. . . we see this as a serious shake-up in the camera industry. For the first time a camera without an optical finder can now deliver the performance we all expect from an eye-level framing device.

See the article for more factual and detailed technical discussions.

It is going to be hard to resist this one. :(

NHL Oct 16, 2011 8:55 AM


Originally Posted by penolta (Post 1260140)

... It is going to be hard to resist this one. :(

Yes given the listed price... ;)

-> Only issue is still the availability of fast telephoto lenses. Right now I only see Sigma to fill this void, as there's not much from the Sony catalog...

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