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JimC wrote:
Precision seems to be doing much bettter now on fixing any 7D problems. I just saw a someone report a day or two ago that the turnaround time (including shipping both ways) was only 5 days to fix their 7D. That's as good as you could ask for.

Let us know how well they do with your 7D.

They are doing better and the turn around time based on my experiances has been great even when waiting for parts. My only real gripe with them is that they don't always repair the first frame black issue correctly. I have sent them three of my cameras, 2 5Ds and 1 7D. The first 5D I sent them came back with no indication that the shutter had been replaced on the repair ticket. Just cleaning, adjustments and reconnecting the CCD flex. When I pursued the issue, and after getting different excuses, theleading Customer Service Rep claimed that it was replaced and that it just wasn't keyed in on my reapair ticket. I wanted to believe that in the worst way, but I decided to ask for something in writting at least twice, but my emails were ignored. It has since failed again and is on it's way back and they are picking up the tab. The funny part is that I waited till the last minute to send it back and was told that the warranty on their repair (6 months)was about to expire. I told the rep that it really didn't matter since I could just resubmit a new repair order through Sony since the first frame black issue is still a free repair. I think she was covering all the bases just in case I had other problems since the repair because she agreed that as long as it was only the first frame black I would have no problem. They probably would get paid a second time from Sony if I submitted a new request but she didn't ask me too so I let it be.

My other 5D had an intermittentantishake problem and a more frequent first frame problem. They fixed it great and replaced the shutter. I can tell they did because I haven't had the problem since and it used to show up every few days.

I also had a 7D serviced by them that I hesitated on sending in because I was going on a cruise and as luck would have it, the antishake system crashed but unlike the 5D AS failure, it caused a complete failure and rendered the camera inoperable. Lucky for me this happened with only a week or so left on the warranty. I did purchase a Mack extended warranty, but didn't want to test out how well they work for fear they might buy my camera rather than repair. In this case, I see no record of the shutter being replaced, but the shutter sounds much different than it used to so something was changed out and I recall the mention of a part on the ticket but not the shutter parts.

I get the impression that based on my experiance and that of others, that they don't always replace shutter parts. I get the impressionif they don't see the error code in the camera's log, or don't witness the error they simply perform adjustments and checks and then reconnect the CCD flex cable. I'm notsure if the camera logs how many timesthe error happens, but if it does, I'm willing to bet they don't always replace the shutter in that case either. I only say that because theyonly indicated a replaced shutter on my 5D that had frequent problems and others with only occasional lockups indicate a similar experiance. I guess in some cases I can't blame them because possibly not all of them lock up because of the shutter. I'm also certain that some people are just sending them in without experiancing the problem for fear that eventually Sony may not pick up the cost of repair.

Despite my distrust and slight disatisfaction that my first 5D was repaired correctly I am still happy with their service. Some have endured much more horrible experiances including issues with being told they had to pay for the repair if the camera was out of warranty. They seem to be better at communicating to the rest of their personnel that Sony is picking up the bill. I actually know of one instance where someone was told to pay and they did. After my advice to them that they should challenge the charge, they did get their money back. I never understood why the individual paid because he acknowledged that he knew about the Sony free repair policy.

Reality is that Precision does a great job especially considering the amount of volume they dowhen you lookhow quickly their repair numbers change from day today. It must be one heck of a large facility. I might actually pay them a visit one day becausethey are in a bordering state and not very far. If I happen to be in the area, what the heck!!
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