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Hi Steve, I noticed a few things on you review that I don't agree with.

1) Shooting performances: I can make a bit less than 3 fps shooting in single shot mode and single AF mode. A far better performance than what you stated (0,9 fps)

2) Noise: Dynax 7D noise can't be similar to 10D and D70 because D70 is much more noisier than 10D. Consider that 'till 400 Iso, 10D and 20D are similar.

Take a look to Imaging Resource's Dave's Box: in similar condition, Dynax 7D and EOS 20Dare equalat every Iso setting, once you normalize sharpness. Everyone knows that Canon sharpness is very low and everyone knows that sharpness make noise more visible.

Also inLuminous Landscape review is stated that 7D and 20D noise levels are similar, they made also some instrumental test because they have a standard deviation graph.

Best regards,

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Hi guys can any one help i am thinking about getting this one

but would like to know if my 7000i dynax lenses and flash would fit this new body

had it about 10 years still work ok but have to move with the times .

thank you for reading this

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The lenses will, but forget about the flash!

As to the noise I only wish my EOS-10D can take 1/2 a decent picture as this @ ISO-3200: http://img.dpreview.com/gallery/engi...olta7d_preview :-) :lol: :-)
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Old Jan 10, 2005, 5:14 AM   #4
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Your lenses will work perfectly, your flash maybe can fire but forget about ADI, TTL or power control.
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Old Jan 27, 2005, 6:18 AM   #5
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I had a Tamron 28mm-200mm which became 42mm-300mm on the D7.

However I noticed at all my photographs were slightly out of focus. I couldn't understand why as the lens was only about three years old.

Someone said that it should be recalibrated, whatever that means and, as it sounded expensive, I bought three new Sigma EX lenses, taking me from 18mm-300mm (Digital figures).

Now my focussing is spot on and I am happy again.

The Tamron lens which cost me £350 - although I believe it is a lot less expensive now, was traded in for a new kit bag and all I got was £35

(US? roughly double £s for $s).

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Well, we have to re-run all speed and performance tests now due to the new firmware v1.10 update that speeds up and improves a lot of things in the 7D!

Issued on 2/14/2005, the Maxxum 7D firmware version 1.10 fixes or adds:

1. Added the remote storage function which can be used in combination with the
DiMAGE Transfer software.
2. Speeded up its access to a memory card. This improvement shortens the writing speed to the memory card and USB data transfer speed. *Effect varies depending on the memory card.
3. Added enlarged display function in both the histogram display and the index display in playback mode.
4. Added luminance limit display function in the histogram display in instant playback.
5. Modified the "No memory card" warning indication.
6. Modified the following problems:
External flash fires with its full power in rare cases.
Camera freezes after self-timer recording in rare cases.

Download the firmware 1.10 update.
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