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Peter Gregg:

Since you are interested primarilly in 'dynamic range' set the 7D to "NATURAL +"

Also set sharpness to ay least +1 as it is VERY soft at the neutral default setting.


it has a raw+jpeg capture mode which will give you a 2.7meg jpeg + a full raw file (if you 'nail the shot' you're done, if not you probably can save the shot by 'working' the raw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for any 'raw' work use PSE 3.0, NOT THE MINOLTA SOFTWARE

enjoy and make money !


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Bobzart wrote:
You do not have to wait for better camera for wedding photos. I can give you some calculations on Megapixels:
7D produces 3008x2000 pixels crispy pictures,
normally it requires at least SIX (3x2) computer screens
at 1280x968 resolution to see properly in full size!
3000 pixels fit in 10 inches at 300 dpi when printed by professional print store (because most cheap print stores use 150-200 dpi andpeople does notseemuch difference).
How much8 MP canmakedifference ?
It produces 3500x2330 pixel pictures where
3500 pixels fit in 11.6 inches at 300 dpi.
Extra 2 MP only makes 16% difference when printing.
But today everybody uses fractal resizing tools
to produce crispy prints size up to 40 inches at 300 dpi!
Why 7D would be a better wedding photography gear ? Because it has anti-shake feature. At the most important and excitedmoments of the wedding, nobody would like to see sparkling flash lights to their faces! With 7D using no flash; you down to 1/10s @ 35mmor 1/30s @ 100mmshutter speeds withoutworrying the hand-shake and up to ISO 800 without worrying the noise...
:? Has anyone heard if KM is going to come out with a 9D digital SLR? I currently shoot with a Maxxum 9 and all KM lenses and flashes. Is the 7D up to wedding photography or should I wait for KM to come out with a higher res. digital? Is there anyone out there using the 7D for wedding photography, and if so, what is your opinion of this camera?:O
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