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And if Sony has any sense for not targeting to harakiri they retain CF card and at most add Proprietary Scheisse slot for attracting users of their P&S models.
I don't think you need to worry about that. Sony has seen the light and has been including CF in their highest end consumer models already. Obviously, they wouldn't take it out of the DSLR.
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JimC wrote:
Sony wants to capture 25% of the DSLR market, and they didn't decide to buy some of KM's assets for the fun of it. Minolta has produced some 16 Million lenses in this mount, so there are a lot of potential DSLR customers for new models using it. It's not like KM went "belly up".

They're still in business (even if you won't see any more KM branded cameras). Sony will be taking over warranty work. But, so what. We're entitled to warranty repairs if needed and I don't think Sony wants to aliienate potential customers by skimping on service. There could be some rough spots during the transition. We'll just need to wait and see.

But, if I had to guess, Sony will probably bend over backwards to make sure existing KM owners are more comfortable with the idea of Sony branded DSLR models. You don't enter a market niche as the "new guy on the block" and start alienating potential customers if you want to capture market share.

I agree with a lot of what Jim has mentioned. Sony bought up KM as a tool to get into the DSLR market. Its really doubtful they will just toss everything KM was about into the dumpster. I'd expect the first Sony DSLR's to be heavily based on KM's development only with upgrades that Sony can bring to the table. Beyond that its anybody's guess.

I'd also expect Sony to use KM to cover warantee work. Like Jim said it doesn't make sense to alienate the people to who you want to market new products too. Especially if there goal is to capture 25% of the market share.

I was a pretty long time Minolta user and I wasn't crazy when the Konica Minolta merger happened. I guess I was just used to seeing that Minolta label. I wasn't very happy when I saw that KM was getting out of the digital camera business and being bought up by Sony. But now that I've had some time to get past it I think it could be a very good thing.

I think its safe to guess that Sony's introduction to the DSLR market will be an updated 5D/7D possibly even a 9D incorporating things that Sony brings to the table that can improve the camera. And I think special attention will be given to quality and reliability which really makes me believe the camera will be heavily based on KM's 5D or 7D.

I'm debating whether to buy a 7D now or wait until this summer to see what Sony comes out with. I'm really starting to look forward to it. :G
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I see some reference to Canon having more money to invest than Sony. I think that misses the point, that Sony has more to invest and more market clout than KM. It's not relative to the competition, but to what KM could achieve alone. Haven't you heard the story of the two friends who run into a bear in the woods? -The first one says "you think you can outrun that bear?", the second one says "All Ihave to do is outrun you.".

I don't thik Canon or Nikon's market share are in serious jeopardy, at least in the short term. From my experience, SLR owners are very loyal - it pretty much takes a damning move on a manufacturers behalf to end a relationship with a SLR owner. If Sony can get 25% market share, it will be mostly entry level units. I doubt anyone can honestly say that the Canon 350 or Nikon D50 are anything but entry level. If Sony keeps a camera as good as the 5d on market against those, it will fair very well to new buyers.
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