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I have not tried it at really high speed. I am sure you are still fine at 1/250th, but not sure about how fast of a shutter speed you can use and synch it.
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Cavemandude wrote:
Since you have to manually set the shutter speed, at what shutter speed does it start affecting the exposure in a negative way?
It depends on what you mean by "negative way". If you go too slow, and your aperture and ISO speed allow too much ambient light, you could get motion blur. If you go too fast, you'll have most of the exposure coming from the flash, and that can give darker backgrounds.

I see that 1/100 is being used, what abouthigher shutterspeeds? Is this the poor man's HSS?
The 5D and 7D have a fastest rated flash sync speed of 1/125 second using Anti-shake, and 1/180 second without anti-shake. You may be able to get away with a little bit faster, but not much (unless the flash is contributing very little to the exposure).

When you exceed the sync speed, you'll end up with a narrow slit being exposed by the flash. This is caused by the second curtain moving down to close the shutter, before the first curtain is all the way open at faster shutter speeds.

HSS gets around it by synchronizing pulses of light with the travelling slit caused by the first and second shutter curtains. You don't have HSS in a non-dedicated flash.
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