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From my experience, the metering algorithms are a little different on the 5D. Mine tends to lean towards more accurate exposures (at the expense of highlights). So, I often need to use a -EV Setting with Exposure Compensation to help protect the highlights.

Most 7D owners tend to need +EV Exposure Compensation (leans more towards protecting highlights, at the expense of the rest).

Pros and Cons to both approaches.

The metering behavior for any camera needs some getting used to. Interestingly, I've found the Center Weighted metering on my 5D to lean towards even brighter Exposures compared to Matrix, even when there is something bright in the middle of the frame. I was very surprised by this behavior originally. But, I've since tested it more, and it does seem to be relatively consistent in that regard.

Center Weighted is usually a more predictable metering type with most cameras (it's hard to tell what the matrix metering algorithms are doing at times). But, you need to get used to it's default behavior for Exposure Compensation purposes.

I do find the tone curve to need a bit of help, depending on subject type, and I often keep contrast dialed back a notch with my 5D if shooting jpeg.

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Of course, you probably realize that this Sony 6MP CCD is a pretty decent one for Dynamic Range compared to most if you shoot in raw

The Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D even outperforms the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II (Canon's most expensive Professional DSLR) for dynamic range shooting in raw and converting with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw), overexposing with both for best results, according to Dave Etchells' tests with Imatest.

See the Dynamic Range Section here:


I discussed jpeg versus raw at length in this recent thread for someone that just bought a KM DSLR:


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With my 5D I find the pics almost requiring no PP on a +1 level for contrast, saturation and sharpness for outdoors. This settings seems too dark for the 7D even with +0.5 ev. The settings i have above works well for the 7D. Im still experimenting with the settings since I got my 7D a week agobut shoot RAW+jpeg for indoor or important shots. I also tried 0 level on all three and got superb results withlots ofPP.

I will try the center weighted meter as Jim suggested.
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Thanks. I find that the metering its pretty right on with he 5D, especially at Center weighted. Sometimes of course one needs to use the Exposure Compensation especially when there are a lot of whites and/or dark tones in the image since the camera averages everything to adjust properly for mid-grey tones. but mostly one can't say: Always adjust +1 EV or any other such adjustment.

I generally have my camera set at Natural with +1 Sharpening, no extra contrast or saturation. No sharpening for portraits of course.

That's it from my experience.


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I've been testing the 7d with flash, using a sekonic l 358. So far in my opinion I like skin tones better setting the fx all at neutral.

Same goes for outdoors just icreased contrast +1 and decreased hue -1, reds look more natural. Exposure still needs compensation but that is not a problem.

Nice colors and detail.

A question.... is the dynamic rangeof the 7D as good as the 5D ?

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