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There are other advantages of HSS too, including freezing motion and shallow DOF with fill flash in bright light.

I'm curious, is something missing in the Metz (aside from the undocumented IR focus assist) that the 5600hs D has?

DrChris wrote:

I didn't think HSS was too important until I saw a photo showing it's capabilities. If you're outside with a lot of light which requires a wide aperature, you can't use fill flash at those shutter speeds. Fill flash makes a BIG difference in certain lighting.

Of course, this is all new to me so I might be off base...and welcome any constructive advice. But I think this sums up HSS.
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ah well, i just got back from cruise and am working on that. just ordered photos of that through a website to see if it might be good for printing for the wedding. i have a 28-70 f2.8 tokina ATX and 80-400 4.5-5.6 tokina ATX, then the minolta 28-85 macro but i tend not to use that one. i just wish i had a super wide angle . im going to test the flash on a friend im going to be shooting, she wants a portfolio and i want to master the flash. ill be posting cruise photos somewhere soon, maybe on zoto.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"and i got the flash for 24.99 the 333 D not sure what the D is for, but yeah no im sure to pay for it, and i see the same adapter on ebay for around 16. thanks for the help, john
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Could these flash sync problems mentioned by someone on pg 1 of this thread be caused by changing the FLASH CONTROL (ADI, PRE-FLASH) option in the recordmenu? Or by setting the wrong FLASHMODE option ? Just food for thought :?
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Unless you use a manual power setting (7D only feature), KM DSLR models will always use a preflash (it's actually 14 separate preflashes, but they happen very fast), regardless of whether you're using ADI or preflash TTL.

I'm not convinced that the setting even makes a difference, regardless of the lens used (ADI compatible or not) from user reports I've seen.

Unfortunately, the sensors used in digital camera are too reflective to meter from during flash exposures (or so the manufacturers would have us to believe). So, they all use a preflash (or series of preflashes) to help gauge exposure (with very few exceptions).

That's one advantage of an old auto thrysistor type flash system. They have their own built in sensor to measure reflected light during the exposure. So, no preflash is required.

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