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Iagree, that's why I'm about to return to a film camera.

Iwill 'proof' with my KM 7D and 'fire for effect' with my maxxum 9.

I plan on shooting slide film and scanning with a Nikon dedicated transparency unit.

Best of both worlds.

lol, John

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bernabeu wrote:
i am in the process of switching back to film - digital, while very convenient, S**KS

if you get a defective roll of film you can throw it away and still have a good camera

a really good digital camera (20+meg) is WAY BEYOND my means, but a great film camera (eg. nikon F100, FM1, etc) is really affordable - shoot slide film and use a transparency scanner to 'digitalize' ?!

i just had an old roll of film developed/printed (shop used a Fuji Frontier) - the 'negs' are superb, BUT, the digital 4x6 prints are 'god awful' when viewed under a 2x glass

when film was actually printed from an enlarger i could scan in a 4x6 (using a $100 HP 4400c) and make a decent slightly cropped 8x10 on my canon s820 - now that the original print is digital - GARBAGE

SORRY - just ranting about the general level of crap we are all being subjected to in this 'modern' digital electronic age
It's sad but recentlyone of the major manufacturer's announced it was no longerdeveloping new 35mm models. I think it was Nikon, but I don't recall.I wonder how long before it will difficult to find places to get film developedor how expensive it may become when film processing centers become scarce and we may have to pay a premium for developing.

I resisted the temptation to godigital until recently, but truthfully I find myself taking more pictures because of the nature of the beast. I also find the results I get from digital adequate for my needs. The only thing I still can't get used to is viewing everything on a computer as opposed to handling prints. I do miss handling photos sometimes. One thing I don't miss about handling photosis yelling at my wife or kids not to get their fingerprintsall over the pictures or being careful not to bend them.

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There are quality compromises in digital photography, especially at high magnification. This is one of the reasons I waited so long to move over. But then there's also no chemicals or paper to buy, prints can cost under 20cents a piece, and you don't need to wait to know if your shot is any good. It certainly makes things easier and cheaper, but not without cost. 6mp isn't going to cut it long term, but those high density10-20mp sensors aren't really producing better results IMO. I don't miss having 3 cameras on me (all with different films or ISO's) and I also am willing to accept the compromise, I'm pleased with most of my shots at full size on a 19" monitor. Canon's larger sensors seem like a good answer but I think those are not going to migrate to any other manufacturer (and I suspect they'll die off in the Canon's eventually also) and I'm not yet ready to abandon Sony's potential to make a pro level body. It doesn't seem likely that with all the new lenses sized for APS-C that full frame sensors are going to return. If they did though, think about the value of those old lenses!

Personally I can't see switching back to film, but I have'nt sold any film gear either. It's not worth anything these days anyhow. :G

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shoot (positive) slide film ?

develope it yourself at home in a 'can kit' ?

use a dedicated transparency scanner (nikon/minolta) ?

VOILA ! 20 - 25 meg digital file from film !

here come the 16x20 prints !


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