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A newbie question:

I just got bunch of old 35mm-Nikon-lenses from a friend.

Can I use these lenses on Konica Minolta D7?

I can't find any mechanical couplings (or lens adaptor) on internet.

Thank you!! You da best!
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Well, it looks like B&H is now taking orders for a General Brand converter that allows you to use Nikon AI lenses on a Maxxum mount camera. You'll need to meter stopped down (set the aperture ring as desired).

The camera won't know a lens is attached anyway. So, my guess is that any Nikon F mount lens would work on it, AI or not. I don't know of anyone that's tried one though.

Avoid any newer "G" series lenses since they don't have an aperture ring (and since the camera won't be able to control the aperture, you'll need one).

Of course, you won't have Autofocus either if you try to use an Autofocus lens on it (since the camera won't know the lens is even there).

You'll find a shutter lock menu setting that you can change to allow the camera to shoot with no lens attached.

General Brand Nikon AI Lens to Maxxum Camera Body Adapter

I've heard that these General Brand adapters have optical elements that will give you a 1.2x multiplier (in addition to the 1.5x focal length conversion for angle of view differences you'd have anyway), and you will need this extra magnification in order to focus to infinity. Again, I don't know anyone that's tried one. So, let us know how it works if you get it.

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