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paniolo Mar 26, 2015 11:04 PM

Just purchased a6000 with 16-50 and 55-210 for travel as my D800 is getting too heavy for snapshot use. A few annoyances that I have noted. Since I normally shoot landscapes, I purchased the L-bracket and a remote. The location of the remote connector (micro USB on the left side) conflicts with the bracket, rendering the bracket useless for vertical shots. Also, the position of the SD card (immediately adjacent to the cover) makes removing the card a challenge.

Anybody have a work-around or fix for these?

penolta Mar 28, 2015 2:00 PM

After popping up the card, I use my middle finger and thumb "lobster claw" fashion to grasp the sides of the card below the corners and pull it up. Works easily every time. :)

paniolo Mar 28, 2015 11:42 PM

Thanks penolta, tried it and it works but need dry fingers - no potato chips before doing this! Also using a regular Arca plate and will rotate ball for vertical shots with the remote release.

tizeye Apr 24, 2015 10:27 PM

Skip the remote. Use android, iPhone or iPad app through Playmemories. Basically you install playMemories app on the phone/tablet, also download the app to the camera. Set up the near field wifi in the camera then link to phone/tablet.

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