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Default What should I do?

Ok, I sold my NEX 3 with 18-55mm for very good price, and now, I have a dilema...to be honest a few options...
The only sure thing is that I'm buying NEX 5n body...
Now, to buy with kit lens, or something else, I hope you can help me...
Budget is 1000$, maybe 100$ up or down, for everything....I need smaller body than DSLR camera with great IQ, and perhaps good lenses. Camera is needed for family photos mostly(little kid), indoor, and sometimes travel and landscape....I wasn't completely satisfied with IQ with 18-55m kit.
I was thinkin' to buy body and 2 lenses, or 3 if I could fit the budget.
Which lenses would you recomend for my needs?To buy Sigma 30mm or maybe 19mm(or both), or stay with kit and something else(zoom maybe), or to buy adapter and some sony lens?!I would'nt wait for e mount 35mm, it'll be expencive and available in december as I heard...
Thanx in advance!
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The problem with the E-Mount is that the body is so thin that the lens has to bend light more to cover the entire image sensor. The result is more vignetting, more field curvature (soft corners), and more lateral chromatic aberration (color fringes) (That's probably the issue you had with your NEX-3.) unless you're willing to spend a lot for lenses. The Sigma 30/2.8 is the only reasonably priced lens that performs well on a NEX body.

BTW, if you "... need smaller body than DSLR camera ...", an A-Mount adapter on a NEX body is actually bigger than an SLT, not to mention more expensive.
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