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Originally Posted by Ozzie_Traveller View Post
G'day all

@Mike - several thimgs come to mind
While I am sure that 'both' lenses you quote are excellent lenses, the 18-55 will provide a bit more versatility than the 16mm one

The 18-55 [covering a standard APS sensor] has an horizontal angle of view of 65deg at 18mm ... and with the 0,7x adapter, this will go out to 92,5 degrees

Q- will a 92,5 degrees angle of view do you, or do you need to go to 100deg via the 16mm + 0.7x adapter?? ..... thus do you need to spend $$ on the 16mm as well??
No doubt the 18-55 is more versatile. That's kinda the point of the thread - my reluctance to buy the 16mm for the sole purpose of interior photos. However, I was persuaded by @ TCav's post about the 16mm letting in nearly twice as much light. Also, might be nice to have the pancake lens for situations where you want a pocketable camera. I found one on ebay for 100 bucks under list price, plus the Sony store had the 0.75 converter for 55 bucks under list, so all total it's pretty reasonable.
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Okay Mike ...

As would be said in the old British vaudeville theatre days ... "as the actress said to the Bishop > righteo then, stick it in and see how it works..."

Regards, Phil
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