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RiaRia Oct 28, 2006 9:11 PM

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Hello:**Finally had a little time off today and a chance to play with my new camera.* I'm posting this picture nearly unedited (HUGE crop, resized for web only) so that the other forum members who were wondering about whether or not to buy an R1 can have more information to make their decision.**This is a beloved older friend of mine* (she'll be 70 next month) who, sadly, has Alzheimer's.* I took her on an outing today and had about 2 seconds to make these quick shots before I lost her attention. ( Yes, I do realize it needs work, esp. on the background, but it is posted here solely to show out of the camera lens quality, so I didn't want to "cheat" and tweak it first.)* Keep in mind I did no sharpening, used no filters, color correction or saturation;* no*PP at all other than the crop.* Shot in aperture priority and all in camera setting were on "normal."**Hope you can see enough detail after the resolution was lowered to help you make a decision.* *if you could see it full size, I don't think you'd run out and buy an R1 ... you'd buy two!* :) Ria

RiaRia Oct 28, 2006 9:14 PM

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Pic #2 -* Time of Day:* 3:00 pm* Lighting:* Open shade

Glyn2 Oct 29, 2006 12:04 AM

Hi ... thanks for that. Very nice picture and I appreciate you have posted it as is apart form the compressoins for web. She looks like a nice person and obviously comfortable with being photographed.

I still have not yet had a chance to play with my new R1 .. I got it last week ina mad dash when Jessup's Photo Store announced they had radically dropped the price. I had been waiting in the sidelines for such an opportunity.

I joined this forum last week and reading through posts noticed that you had not got your Sony Raw conversion software ... is this still the case or have you fond some yet.

Thanks again for posting the portraits

Glyn Powell

RiaRia Oct 29, 2006 12:17 AM

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Hi, Glyn:* Nope, I haven't found the software yet.* *Can't wait to see some pics* from your new R1 when you have time! Here's another view of the first picture above after some pp.* I had to blur the skin a little because the lens was so sharp I could see every pore of her skin.*(BTW, can you please tell me how you were able to put line breaks in your posts?* Despite hitting the return or space bar, my text still runs all together.)Thanks , Ria

Glyn2 Oct 30, 2006 6:04 PM

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Hi Ria.

I regret I cannot assist concerning line breaks . I use return and it works as if on my word processor. However, I believe you are using MAC ... and I am using PC, so maybe different rules and solutions apply. I have an ICQ chat client where line breaks require using Alt or Cont-return. Trying that might get a result but I am only guessing.

Concerning your using MAC ... the software which came with my R1 includes the MAC versions. Would it be useful if I uploaded it to a public server and post the link on this thread so that you can download it? That would solve that. I looked on the Sony website and there is an update available but you need to have the original first.

I certainly look forward to having the time to get o know the R1!
I did have the opportunity to take it to a ballroom dancing competition on Sunday but it is still to new. I would have been concentrating and worrying abou tht ecamera rather than about competing so I used my 'previous' camera ... the Caplio GX8. A compact 8m pixel. I typically use it at widerst aperture [20mm] and crop when I get back home. Due to high noice with small crops, i do a lot with Noise Ninja .... a noise reduction plugin. used carefully it gets rid of noise. Used ... creatively ... it gets rid of detail in the content.

By way of experiment,I put your most recent picture through it. It's another way of removing pores ....

RiaRia Oct 30, 2006 7:40 PM

Hi, Glyn:* *Your version of my picture looks great -- if you don't mind, I'm going to print it for*my friends' 70th birthday.* I have Noise Ninja;* but obviously don't know*enough about it to obtain good results.* Every time I used it on my Panansonic FZ4 images,*it washed out too much detail.* After seeing your picture, I will take another look at the*program.* And I would love to see the ballroom pictures, even if they weren't taken on a*Sony.* I'm sure other forum members would agree.**I would very much appreciate a link to download the RAW software.* I, too, could not find it*on the Sony site.* **The control-return combination did not work;** Let's see if the ALT-return makes any difference!* Thanks again, Ria

Glyn2 Oct 31, 2006 3:09 AM

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Hi Ria. If the printout of your picture works nicely at the resolution you posted it then good. If it's better to be at a larger resolution then put the original sized one where you can sent me a link to it and I will do the process on that and load it back up to The idea of it being part of her birthday present is great .... Iam sure she will love it

I've compressed the Mac version of the 'Image Data Convertor' into 'sit' files. I Usually use rar or zip but I got a trial copy of Stuffit because I believe that 'sit' files are more standard for Macs. Here is the link for the file ...

If you uncompress it you will have a folder 'ISCSR_INST.pkg'. According to the R1 manual, you then need to double click on that folder and you will then be taken through the installation process.

Ballroom dancing pics .. OK ... here is is an example of Noise Ninja having to work very hard to get rid of noise ... so much that it is losing some of the details. The original is very noisy because I use the Ricoh at wide angle ... 28mm ...and then crop a lot. Also, I am using ambient light 40th sec, f2.5 at ISO 100.I useISO 100because itgives me a better basis whenI am in photoshop. :) Glyn

nickphoto123 Oct 31, 2006 5:50 AM

Helllo All,

Very interesting thread.

One point is shooting dancing at 1/40 sec is not a good basis to measure loss of detail with a noise reduction program.

The dancer's movement itself will lead to loss of detail via blur.

I switchd from noise nija to neat image and am amazed at the program's ease and effectiveness. I use it as a PSE4 plug-in and stand alone.

Regards, Nicholas

RiaRia Oct 31, 2006 11:09 AM

Hi, All:* I can't wait to try it out the Raw software! * *Personally, I didn't mind the slow shutter speed and resulting motion blur in the Ballroom dancing shot one little bit ... in fact, I think it added to the emotion.* I'm looking forward to seeing more ballroom shots and trying out Neat Image.* *Ria :)**

RiaRia Nov 2, 2006 12:42 AM

Hello Glyn/Forum Members:

(Sorry, I know this is OT but I couldn't get any one to respond in the other forums.)

I posted my question about the strange text formatting (no line breaks, multiple question marks after each sentence in quoted text) to the General Question forum but never got a response. So I did what I should have done in the first place and figured it out myself. (Hopefully!) I played around some and finally came up with what I think is a solution: I swapped browsers. Am now using Firefox instead of Safari ... can someone please tell me if my text now appears to be normal?

Thanks in advance! Ria

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